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The members of our China office in Guangzhou are an invaluable part of the TCS team, helping us to make sure we are using the best factories for our products and guarantee the best possible quality product for our clients.


We have qualified inspectors who have been working in the promotional product industry for over 10 years. They go to factories to carry out inspections at various stages of the production process according to industry defined standards and requirements from our UK team.This to ensures that customer requirements have been accurately identified and that the finished product is meeting our client’s expectations.


The TCS China team assists with various sourcing projects to help TCS find new factories for new and existing product categories. From sourcing, to cost analysis, to factory audits and assessments the China team is involved at all stages of the process, allowing us to remain competitive in all areas and offer our clients the best possible service.


Having a team of native speakers allows us to maintain a clear and open dialogue with our factories. Our China team regularly visits factories throughout the order process to monitor progress and update the team in London accordingly. This approach gives us an open and honest line of communication with our factories and helps to identify potential problems before they appear.


An ethical approach is at the heart of the work we do at TCS. With a highly qualified auditor based in our China office, we are able to ensure that we work with factories which provide a safe working environment and treat their employees fairly and honestly, according to internationally recognised standards. We perform assessments on any new factory we work with and can also help factories to understand and operate according to the ethical standards required by our clients. Having a close relationship with various third-party auditing companies, TCS can shadow audits and assist factories in implementing corrective actions to ensure an ethical approach beyond the scope of the audit itself.

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