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With an ever-increasing awareness of climate change in the public consciousness, consideration for recycling and minimising waste has become an integral part of the design and manufacturing process at TCS. This begins with a keen approach toward recycling at our offices and extends to the way we work with our suppliers, the materials we produce and what we recommend to our clients.

TCS uses recyclable materials wherever possible to minimise our environmental impact. Through our partnership with Biffa, packaging materials are carefully selected to ensure maximum potential for recycling at end-use, with our card, paper and plastic materials commonly accepted for kerbside collection and local UK recycling schemes. The materials in many of our products are now also recyclable, such as polypropylene solid plastic and bags, and LDPE plastics. We are always looking for ways to further reduce the impact of our products on the environment.

TCS is also a member of Valpak, documenting amounts of battery, waste electrical and electronic equipment produced on a regular basis, and we are always looking to provide our clients with environmentally friendly options so that they can meet their own environmental targets.

Please ask if you would like information on how to label for recycling the products we supply.

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