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To coincide with the launch of the new Skylanders Supercharger’s game, we worked closely with Immediate Media to come up with concepts that would capture what the game entails and make it into a covermount appealing to children who would buy the Skylander’s magazine.


The TCS team came up with a variety of innovative concept designs to meet the clients’ brief. We created a range of ideas based on the new game, easily identifiable with Skylanders and appealing to children. The premise behind the new game was “Driving” so we based our ideas around this premise, working with both Immediate Media and Activision we agreed on a concept of re-creating some of the vehicles from the game that children could play with at home separate from the same.


Having been supplied with imagery of the vehicles both Immediate and Activision wanted to use our internal 3D model maker had to break down the vehicles and re-build them to a specification that was suitable to what we could use. We used 3D software to create high-end product visuals, detailed scale drawings and 3D printed samples for the client. The production process was made all the smoother due to the work we put in at the early stages. Throughout the process we ensured the vehicles never deviated from the core concept that they had to be as close to the game vehicles as possible, needed to be a high standard and functional.


The key cars were produced for the client on budget and delivered on time, coinciding with the launch of the new game in stores.The key cars boosted sales of the magazine for Immediate Media and were an integral part of the promotion for the game, raising awareness of the launch and boosting its reputation for fun.

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