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To design a set of drinking vessels with a difference! The theme of each of the designs needs to fit with the concept ‘Whatever’s Comfortable’. Although each vessel should be unique, it should also work as a cohesive set forming part of a ‘Drinking Whatever’s Comfortable’ variety pack.


The TCS team came up with a variety of innovative concept designs to meet the clients’ brief. We created a range of product ideas based on items from everyday, easily identifiable household objects which you wouldn’t normally expect to drink from. We carefully ensured the designs would be distinctively ‘Southern Comfort’ and work well together as a collectable set.


The client selected their favourite designs to develop further from a portfolio of ideas we presented. As part of the pre-production process, we produced hand-made clay samples so the client could touch and feel the products and understand their scale and form, enabling them to decide on the final five vessels to be carried forward to full production. Throughout the design and development process, the TCS team worked closely with the client to understand what their objectives were to ensure they were met every step of the way.


Five distinctive drinking vessels were produced for the client, on budget and delivered on time, forming an integral part of the ‘Drinking Whatever’s Comfortable’ campaign. The drinking vessels were distributed in bars across the UK as part of a summer of promotional activity by the brand. They were a huge success, and as a result the campaign rolled out across Canada & America.

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